Sunday, July 18, 2010


So I've been a bit behind on blogging, so I'm just going to write about separate days in each post, since I forget the progression of events during the summer (...Well...To be honest...Ahem...More like all the time but...).

THIS DAY was the day we went into Yokohama to visit a store that Uncle though we'd like. Which, unfortunately, we didn't. Basically, it was unnecessarily expensive (the clothes weren't anything special) so we chilled around the floors, and eventually went to eat.

The station

A cool store we found, Zakka-ish

Piggy :)

More pretty things

A bit up-scale overall for a future collegiate, but the atmosphere and colors made it more than enjoyable. This is what I want my Future House to look like...

YUM. Lunch.

Sister's lunch. She always gets ramen XD

Oufit: skinnys and shoes, UO; shirt, W*C; bag, Harajuku Lover's; assorted jewelry

More Topshop porn.

Sister hiding from the Creeper Cam. BUT SERIOUSLY, I was tempted to grab the whole rack of shoes in the store and run. I almost bought black strappy ones that were extremely reduced, but they only had one size left and it was too big. TOO BIG. Usually my humongo feet can't fit into any popularly produced ones (made around size 5~6), but alas they didn't help me when I thought they'd finally be useful. I feel like Alice. Too big or too small ;_;

Zara gets. The studded crop sweater, whose studs have been FALLING OFF. I've had to super glue them back on D:
Skirt with swimmer print. You can also see my hair cut better in this photo. I tried posting close-ups but Blogger is being dumb :/

Close up.

That's all for now. Later :)


  1. Ohh a piggy!! I can't wait to go shopping for apartment stuff. Its gonna be fun :D

  2. That store sounds/looks like Anthropologie. Haaah!

    Oh snap.. Topshopppppppp my hearrrrrrrrrrrrt! DDD:

    You look like you got skinnier!! AND love the sweater. I saw the skirt and I wished they had the print in shorts form. That would be freaking awesome.

    Your hair looks goooood. :D I love the color!

  3. your skirt is fabulous! and the pig too cute :)

  4. Thanks guys :) And Jennifer, I have never actually been to Anthropologie. Like, ever. Also, as a side note, I was *briefly* looking at myself in the mirror today, then my grandfather was like, "I don't know why you're looking at yourself it's not like you lost any weight." D:

  5. I went in there to get a job application and turn it in but I feel too poor to actually go there regularly. So sad.

    DD: I think you did! Asian people are crazy about weight. My sister was like I lost weight (she did!!) and my dad was like "No your still a chubby piglet." xD