Wednesday, June 30, 2010


This is really just a random sampling of a couple days told in a series of pictures.

So, yesterday I went to our local mall type place with mi madre and sister to buy gifts/look at pretty things. I didn't end up buying much, except presents for other people.

This is what I wore.

Tank and sweater: VS, floral tank and pants/skirt thingy: Honey's, floral rainboots: Passport in Shikoku, random jewelry: some store in Hokkaido, and the engraved bracelet from a Kyoto vendor

At Uni, bought some ice cream to pass time while Mother was grocery shopping.

It's a float with Popping Shower ice cream and melon soda! Sounds awesome right? Wrong. It tasted delicious but most of it was ice :/

The next day, being today, we went to Sakuragichou to meet up with Mother's friend Mula and her children. We went early though to look at the shops.

Yes, the new shopping center does have a Topshop. :O But even with the summer sale (lots of things 50% off) it was still a bit pricey.

What I wore.
Cardigan: VS, floral romper: Honey's, jewelry: assorted from various mini shops that I cannot remember accept the ribbon one which is from 315 Yen Store, shoes (not pictured): UO

Close -up. That's my I-hope-the-people-in-the-store-don't-think-I'm-a-creeper face.

And why yes, that is a shopping bag I am holding, which houses....

My very first Harajuku Lovers bag! The inside is all blue and satin-y, with the expected logo everywhere. Snagged this half off. Loving summer. Sale season. ;) I remember trying to get a traditional HL's bag. I tragically lost the Ebay bidding war. ;_; But I like this one better than the one I was going to get, which makes it all work out in the end. Thinking of using it as my college bag, with a canvas tote (maybe Cher?) to put my books in. For now, it's just my everywhere bag. My one with the bow (shown somewhere above) is ripping at the seams, and the pleather material is wearing off, so I suppose it's time. R.I.P.

Anyway, so after shopping a bit, we met up with Mula is bum around a little until her kids got home at the store where she works. I found a moustache man cup, but I was broke after my bag purchase. DX

Eventually, we went to this really small, momma poppa type Katsu restaurant. It could literally only fit nine people.

Enjoy that sideways picture. Yeah, I'm a pro.


Other random things I've purchased that I felt like taking pictures of.

Shoes that fit me. It's like finding cake near a fat kid. NEAR TO IMPOSSIBLE.

Both from min plume. Above is a sweater thing with a little pom-pom fringe, and below is a romper with billowly sleeves. Slightly bubble-esque bottoms, which I don't usually go for, that look better on. They gave me a eco bag with my purchase (which is what's in the background of the first picture. <3

That's it for now. Tomorrow I'm going to Osaka for a day trip (got a free flight with my saved frequent flyer miles). Until next time, here's a stalker pic of the fashionable youth of Japan.