Sunday, October 24, 2010


Okay, so this post comes in four parts.


The other day I went with my friend to Ross to get some cheap winter stuff with her 40% off employee discount (it was a special week-long thing).

P.S. The lighting is terrible, all the black things are actually darker in real life.

Thought they were unique. I'm always a fan of ruffles and suede :) 

My new favorite shoes. They are comfy overall, except on the outsides of my foot, where I now have blisters. ;_; At first I wondered if it was because I got a 7.5, but the 8 was so much larger that I didn't want to risk it. I mean, it fits snug everywhere else.  
I also got cargo pants/trousers that I'm planning to roll up (just need to get those suspenders...), a 90's-esque see-through collar blouse (in black) that reminds me of my mother's old wardrobe, 4 pairs fuzzy Betsey Johnson socks, 3 pairs regular Betsey Johnson socks, a Breakfast at Tiffany's cup, and a zebra cup with a clay zebra in the middle all for ~$55.

Yay for friends with discounts. :D It's weird shopping again, after the long hiatus. Kind of like forgetting you had a horrible addiction. XD

Oh, and this was in a package from my mother. It's a USB port shaped like a person. SO ADORABLE.


So I only took one other outfit picture from last week. I figure as long as I dress up 1~2 times a week, I won't be THAT MUCH of a lazy bum. Or, at least it keeps me trying not to be. XD This one, however, is a lazy bum one. I dressed cute on Saturday for the book sale/thrifting but forgot to take a picture. ;_;

Hair tie, SBY

Sweater, VS; shorts, UO; shoes, Tommy Hilfiger


So, in Gainesville once a year the library association does a huge warehouse book sale with prices ranging from 0.25~$3 (some of the collector's stuff is more expensive though). I spent a couple hours there, and got 12 or 13 books for $18. SO HAPPY.

Some of the stuff below is from my previous collection, and some of the other new ones are elsewhere.


So after the book sale, getting my library card, and having lunch with my roommate's parents, we went thrifting!

There's this publication on campus called Fine Print, and one of the highlights of this month's issue was a list of the best thrift stores in Gainesville. It was the evening by then, so we only went to two: Loop de Loop and Flashbacks.

I wish I had pictures of the inside (it was so cluttered/cool/the best garage sale ever-esque), but I guess that's for next time!

Here are my gets:
Loop de Loop, $8.50. The jewelry here is typically more expensive than the clothes. But I just loved this choker. >.<
Loop de Loop, $5. I've been looking for one in this design, now all I need is a cotton white one. As you can see, the buttons stop quite a bit away from where the fabric does, so you can tie it up however you please. Wish I got the black one too. ;_;

Loop de Loop, $3. 

Flashbacks, $7. Gap shorts, blacker in real life. 
Flashbacks, $8. The picture doesn't do it justice. It's slightly pleated on the bottom, and is really soft. 

Flashbacks, $8. J. Crew Men's, again it's darker in actuality, and the color's more lustrous. But it hangs nicely at the hips and is SO SOFT.

The atmosphere in the stores were great, like eclectic and weird. I just regret not buying anything "out there" at Flashbacks, they had so many weird/cool things. DX Next time, I suppose.

Until then,


P.S. Ew, now I have to study for my chemistry mid-term. ;_;

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


I haven't been blogging at all, but felt this was an appropriate time to start up again. Also, I'm procrastinating in the true college way. :P

Anyway, my grandparents/uncle sent me a care package from Japan!


That's my happy face. XD

My uncle saw the new Cher 2011 calender at 7 Eleven and got it for me. The cover is removable so afterwards you can use it as a book cover. The new Cher Shore (Cher collaboration) bag came with an issue of Sweet. 

My grandmother always sends me packets of tissue even though I have enough. XD Interestingly enough, Yokohama is getting a Lumine. Too bad I'm not there ;_; 

The bare 2011-2012 calender, Cher Shore bag, and Cher catalog that came with the calender. Guess they weren't kidding when they said no more freebie eco-bags. Oh well. I already have enough bags and I've grown attached to the calender. The inside is the shade of old paper, and everything's written in Cher font with tiny red hearts. XD

W*C Mook and attached eco-bag. Was smaller than I thought, but it's really soft, not stiff like the other two I got (Cher Shore and Tsumori Chisato). 

Even the plastic it came in is cute! Kept it for crafting purposes.

Tsumori Chisato Mook. I adore her designs, so whimsical and fairytale yet adult at the same time, but they are pretty expensive for a college student. ;_; I will own some of her clothes someday though! 

Sweet magazine it came with. 

Glorious magazines and mooks will distract me from getting any work done. XD

Chill outfit for today, only had one class and met with my advisor/got my flu shot.

Cardigan and shorts, UO; under tank, VS; over tank, Gap; socks, Betsey Johnson; shoes, got at Ross with friends's 40% discount (more on that later); bag, Tsumori Chisato
Outfit from the other day of classes:

Watch, Harajuku; bracelet, Kamakura; ring, gift from my high school teacher (it says "wherever you are I will always love you" <3) [P.S. It's a girl teacher XD]

Ew, I have old lady hands D:
Broken heart ring, Etsy; snake ring, Hokaido

Shoes, UO; skirt/pants, Honey's; crop dolman sweater and sunglasses, Zara
 I'm trying to take more pictures of outfits to inspire me to dress up. It's so easy to get into the habit of being lazy, especially when no one cares if you go to class in sweats. XD

Though I have been accused my a new friend of dressing TOO MUCH like an old lady. Pfffft. No such thing. ;)

- Mana

Monday, July 26, 2010


Went to the Ramen Museum with Sister and Uncle today. :D SO COOL. The set-up was post-War, with old-fashioned game/candy stalls set up amongst the ramen stores.

View from the top. The colors kept changing, following a sped up day.
Candy stall :D The shopkeeper even had an insane amount of blush to portray the stereotypical "young girl."
No pictures of me though. The humidity makes me look like Tim Burton, Part II. -.-

Kamakura again tomorrow with Grandfather to visit the Daibutsu and maybe some temples. :)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


So this is the day we went to Harajuku and Shibuya (clever heading right?). Picture spam ahead.

Greeted my Audrey Hepburn on our way out of the Harajuku station. <3

Harajuku. Hehehehe. Condomania (to the far right). Yes, I'm immature.

Outfit: shoes/shorts, UO; socks, tutanna; tank, H&M; crop sweater, TOPSHOP; random jewelry. I really have to get better at taking these kind of photos. Also, you can't see my lion earrings through my frizzy hair. XD The store I was in was REALLY CHEAP. I regret not getting some basics there. DX

Cher store in Harajuku.

Dressing room in Cher. It was SO INTIMIDATING. There were so few people when we were there, and I couldn't grasp the bargain system for the life of me. Add that to Sister's complaining that she didn't want to be there, and the silence in the store, and I was suffering from severe anxiety. Thankfully, I ended up getting what I wanted, plus the eco bags, without regretting anything. Though I kept bothering the staff with questions. They probably thought I was mental. -.-

Cutest dogs EVER.

The outside of Harajuku's Zara. It's two stories and oh so pretty. I love glass buildings. <3

Kinda crowded. Even more people upstairs. The sales here are GLORIOUS. In America where I live, barely anything goes on sale.

Creeper Me with the Cher purchase

Takeshitadori in Harajuku. A street lined with little shops, well-known (from SBY to Paris Kid's) to obscure (at least to me).
Shibuya 109

Creepy creepy poster. Even creepier commercial. Oh, the depths you have fallen Shingo Mamma.

W*C. They didn't have much in stores in the way of new things though. Mostly sale items. And they didn't have any UGLY caps...Or socks. ;_;

SBY. They also have a cafe in the back. I didn't get anything here though, since a store at my local mall carries most of the stuff I like anyway.

That's it for now. Next time: Miyazaki's new movie or Kamakura. Depends what I'm in the mood for. :)

Monday, July 19, 2010


For any who are interested, Bloomzy is having a giveaway for her 300 followers!


And check out her blog, it's really cute!

Sunday, July 18, 2010


So I've been a bit behind on blogging, so I'm just going to write about separate days in each post, since I forget the progression of events during the summer (...Well...To be honest...Ahem...More like all the time but...).

THIS DAY was the day we went into Yokohama to visit a store that Uncle though we'd like. Which, unfortunately, we didn't. Basically, it was unnecessarily expensive (the clothes weren't anything special) so we chilled around the floors, and eventually went to eat.

The station

A cool store we found, Zakka-ish

Piggy :)

More pretty things

A bit up-scale overall for a future collegiate, but the atmosphere and colors made it more than enjoyable. This is what I want my Future House to look like...

YUM. Lunch.

Sister's lunch. She always gets ramen XD

Oufit: skinnys and shoes, UO; shirt, W*C; bag, Harajuku Lover's; assorted jewelry

More Topshop porn.

Sister hiding from the Creeper Cam. BUT SERIOUSLY, I was tempted to grab the whole rack of shoes in the store and run. I almost bought black strappy ones that were extremely reduced, but they only had one size left and it was too big. TOO BIG. Usually my humongo feet can't fit into any popularly produced ones (made around size 5~6), but alas they didn't help me when I thought they'd finally be useful. I feel like Alice. Too big or too small ;_;

Zara gets. The studded crop sweater, whose studs have been FALLING OFF. I've had to super glue them back on D:
Skirt with swimmer print. You can also see my hair cut better in this photo. I tried posting close-ups but Blogger is being dumb :/

Close up.

That's all for now. Later :)