Sunday, October 24, 2010


Okay, so this post comes in four parts.


The other day I went with my friend to Ross to get some cheap winter stuff with her 40% off employee discount (it was a special week-long thing).

P.S. The lighting is terrible, all the black things are actually darker in real life.

Thought they were unique. I'm always a fan of ruffles and suede :) 

My new favorite shoes. They are comfy overall, except on the outsides of my foot, where I now have blisters. ;_; At first I wondered if it was because I got a 7.5, but the 8 was so much larger that I didn't want to risk it. I mean, it fits snug everywhere else.  
I also got cargo pants/trousers that I'm planning to roll up (just need to get those suspenders...), a 90's-esque see-through collar blouse (in black) that reminds me of my mother's old wardrobe, 4 pairs fuzzy Betsey Johnson socks, 3 pairs regular Betsey Johnson socks, a Breakfast at Tiffany's cup, and a zebra cup with a clay zebra in the middle all for ~$55.

Yay for friends with discounts. :D It's weird shopping again, after the long hiatus. Kind of like forgetting you had a horrible addiction. XD

Oh, and this was in a package from my mother. It's a USB port shaped like a person. SO ADORABLE.


So I only took one other outfit picture from last week. I figure as long as I dress up 1~2 times a week, I won't be THAT MUCH of a lazy bum. Or, at least it keeps me trying not to be. XD This one, however, is a lazy bum one. I dressed cute on Saturday for the book sale/thrifting but forgot to take a picture. ;_;

Hair tie, SBY

Sweater, VS; shorts, UO; shoes, Tommy Hilfiger


So, in Gainesville once a year the library association does a huge warehouse book sale with prices ranging from 0.25~$3 (some of the collector's stuff is more expensive though). I spent a couple hours there, and got 12 or 13 books for $18. SO HAPPY.

Some of the stuff below is from my previous collection, and some of the other new ones are elsewhere.


So after the book sale, getting my library card, and having lunch with my roommate's parents, we went thrifting!

There's this publication on campus called Fine Print, and one of the highlights of this month's issue was a list of the best thrift stores in Gainesville. It was the evening by then, so we only went to two: Loop de Loop and Flashbacks.

I wish I had pictures of the inside (it was so cluttered/cool/the best garage sale ever-esque), but I guess that's for next time!

Here are my gets:
Loop de Loop, $8.50. The jewelry here is typically more expensive than the clothes. But I just loved this choker. >.<
Loop de Loop, $5. I've been looking for one in this design, now all I need is a cotton white one. As you can see, the buttons stop quite a bit away from where the fabric does, so you can tie it up however you please. Wish I got the black one too. ;_;

Loop de Loop, $3. 

Flashbacks, $7. Gap shorts, blacker in real life. 
Flashbacks, $8. The picture doesn't do it justice. It's slightly pleated on the bottom, and is really soft. 

Flashbacks, $8. J. Crew Men's, again it's darker in actuality, and the color's more lustrous. But it hangs nicely at the hips and is SO SOFT.

The atmosphere in the stores were great, like eclectic and weird. I just regret not buying anything "out there" at Flashbacks, they had so many weird/cool things. DX Next time, I suppose.

Until then,


P.S. Ew, now I have to study for my chemistry mid-term. ;_;


  1. I miss thrifting with you. :( Found a new place to hit up when you're back though!!

  2. Yayyy. You and Alex should come up though, the places were really cool. :)

  3. Oh ho ho you have a friend in the know! LUCKY! Good ROSS gets, I can never go or I'll buy too much, haahaa!

    Your hair looks so cute with the SBY accessory! I love lace used like that!

  4. so wonderful!

  5. So in love of this! do you wanna follow each other?:X