Tuesday, October 19, 2010


I haven't been blogging at all, but felt this was an appropriate time to start up again. Also, I'm procrastinating in the true college way. :P

Anyway, my grandparents/uncle sent me a care package from Japan!


That's my happy face. XD

My uncle saw the new Cher 2011 calender at 7 Eleven and got it for me. The cover is removable so afterwards you can use it as a book cover. The new Cher Shore (Cher collaboration) bag came with an issue of Sweet. 

My grandmother always sends me packets of tissue even though I have enough. XD Interestingly enough, Yokohama is getting a Lumine. Too bad I'm not there ;_; 

The bare 2011-2012 calender, Cher Shore bag, and Cher catalog that came with the calender. Guess they weren't kidding when they said no more freebie eco-bags. Oh well. I already have enough bags and I've grown attached to the calender. The inside is the shade of old paper, and everything's written in Cher font with tiny red hearts. XD

W*C Mook and attached eco-bag. Was smaller than I thought, but it's really soft, not stiff like the other two I got (Cher Shore and Tsumori Chisato). 

Even the plastic it came in is cute! Kept it for crafting purposes.

Tsumori Chisato Mook. I adore her designs, so whimsical and fairytale yet adult at the same time, but they are pretty expensive for a college student. ;_; I will own some of her clothes someday though! 

Sweet magazine it came with. 

Glorious magazines and mooks will distract me from getting any work done. XD

Chill outfit for today, only had one class and met with my advisor/got my flu shot.

Cardigan and shorts, UO; under tank, VS; over tank, Gap; socks, Betsey Johnson; shoes, got at Ross with friends's 40% discount (more on that later); bag, Tsumori Chisato
Outfit from the other day of classes:

Watch, Harajuku; bracelet, Kamakura; ring, gift from my high school teacher (it says "wherever you are I will always love you" <3) [P.S. It's a girl teacher XD]

Ew, I have old lady hands D:
Broken heart ring, Etsy; snake ring, Hokaido

Shoes, UO; skirt/pants, Honey's; crop dolman sweater and sunglasses, Zara
 I'm trying to take more pictures of outfits to inspire me to dress up. It's so easy to get into the habit of being lazy, especially when no one cares if you go to class in sweats. XD

Though I have been accused my a new friend of dressing TOO MUCH like an old lady. Pfffft. No such thing. ;)

- Mana


  1. Eco bags gaallloooree! I love the W♡C one, its so cute!

    Love your outfits bb. ;) I want to see more pictures of that shoe you got at Ross. BTW hook me up with that discount too. HAHAHA.. jk.

  2. I wish I could, my mom asked me the same thing. XD But it's only for this week, as a special thing for the employees I guess.

    And my other school bag's straps are broken so I've been carrying around a standard, Red Cross one which has lots of pockets but isn't cute. XD Now I can choose from the eco-bags, since the majority of my bags are still at home.

  3. Bummer. :(

    Yay for cute eco-bags then! Really? I brought all my crap over to my apartment. LOL..

    But yeah your grandparents love you. I wish I had family send over crap to me. u_____u I have a craving for japanese snacks now!!

  4. Haha. Hopefully they have an Asian mart close to where you live.